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Born and raised in New York, our CEO and founder, Joe Tawil, has been in the pharmacy business since 1973. Everything changed in 1989 during a fortuitous meeting with a fertility drug representative. On that fateful day, a drug rep walked into the pharmacy and convinced Joe to carry fertility medications in the store. With little experience in this field, he tirelessly worked with doctors, nurses, and clinics to learn every aspect of this process as it wasn’t as mainstream as it is today. Since then, Joe built up the company on the principles of patient service and affordable care. Over 30 years later, Joe has turned Metro Drugs into the leading fertility pharmacy in NYC as well as a top provider to the country.

Social Responsibility

Metro Drugs provides support to a number of charitable and nonprofit organizations that help local communities.
Below is a list of our affiliates:

Aspire (The Prelude Network)

Aspire Fertility offers a full spectrum of fertility care for those looking to build a family now and those looking to preserve future fertility potential. From the simple to the complex, they can help you build your family of tomorrow. Aspire simplifies the treatment process, streamlines communications, and offers the most advanced therapies. We are committed to providing a five-star patient experience―every time. Your journey should be easy and your results should be successful.. The award-winning specialists of Aspire Fertility are listed among the best fertility doctors in the United States. They are proud to be recognized as Castle Connolly’s National “Top Doctors”, America’s Top Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Texas Super Doctors, and many others.

Metro Drugs works closely with Aspire to create the best possible and most affordable patient journey. Undergoing an IVF cycle is no walk in the park, which is why the experience we both share is invaluable during the fertility process.

Cade Foundation

The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation was started in 2005 to provide information, support, and financial assistance for needy, infertile families. The foundation was named after Dr. Tinina Cade, founders’ Doctors Jason and Camille Hammond’s mother. Dr. Cade carried and delivered the triplets following more than 5 years of infertility for the Hammonds’. Cade delivered her grand triplets at 55 years old, making her the oldest woman to deliver triplets at that point. The Hammonds started the Cade Foundation to provide a vehicle through which families who had already overcome infertility, could support families who were still on the infertility journey. Cade Foundation provides education-focused programs to share information about different pathways to parenthood throughout the nation, as well as grants to help families with the costs of adoption and fertility treatment. To date, the Cade Foundation has hosted hundreds of outreach events throughout the US and provided over 160 families with financial support for adoption and fertility treatment nationwide. They have also hosted conferences for health care providers, advocates, and influencers to improve access to reproductive services for families with infertility. 


Metro Drugs firmly supports and sponsors The Cade Foundation for all they do for minority communities struggling with infertility. Our values align seamlessly, and we are happy to help where we can.

Win Fertility

Originally founded as an independent women’s health management company, WINFertility has been the national leader in managed fertility benefits for over two decades. More than 20 years of experience and data driven protocols have allowed us to help over 100,000 patients achieve parenthood. They are revolutionizing the delivery of fertility treatments and improving access to the best doctors, technology and emotional support. Today, with a vision to turn dreams of family into reality, WIN delivers family-building benefit solutions to employers, health plans and individual patients.

 We are a delighted partner with WINFertility in their mission and outreach to help create more families, whilst being fiscally conscious.

Family Equality

Founded in 1979 at the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights, Family Equality has spent more than 40 years ensuring that everyone has the freedom to find, form, and sustain their families by advancing equality for the LGBTQ+ community. In the 1970s, Family Equality’s founders could scarcely imagine the possibility of LGBTQ+ people consciously and intentionally forming their own families. Today we are driven by that same truth-pursuing spirit, fighting to ensure that every LGBTQ+ person has the freedom to find, form, and sustain a family.

Metro Drugs proudly sponsors and celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and families in partnership with Family Equality. Our job is to make it easy and affordable for all communities to experience families of their own.

A Time

What started as a commitment that no Jewish couple should go through infertility alone grew into a revolution that forever changed the landscape of infertility in the Jewish world. A TIME was established to take the loneliness and the uncertainty out of this journey with a network of valuable services that address every facet of this difficult challenge. Their influence has reached every corner of the earth. A TIME provides information, resources, and assistance at every step of the road to parenthood. Focusing on the larger picture of women’s health, we also address issues beyond the scope of infertility, touching hearts every step of the way.

ATime and Metro Drugs enjoy a long-lasting and flourishing relationship helping families around the world with the miracle of childbirth. We are happy to continue on for a long time to come.

Bonei Olam

Since its founding in 1999, Bonei Olam’s mission is to provide the means or resources necessary to allow childless couples facing infertility the opportunity to pursue medical fertility treatment. We help with medical referrals, counselor support, and if needed, financial assistance. Every day Bonei Olam receives requests ranging from doctor referrals to requests to pay for complex medical treatments. With every call for help, we understand that a couple yearns for a child. Every story and every need are unique, and that is why every person calling is treated with care and dignity.

For over 20 years, Metro Drugs and Bonei Olam have worked together tirelessly to help infertile Jewish and other underprivileged families across the nation. Our relentless willingness to help separates us from the pack.


Over 10% of women go through fertility treatments at some point in their life and each of them face different challenges. FertilityJourney can help guide you through some common steps other women have endured, while making the process familiar and smooth. Steps include reviewing your family goals, fertility consultation, tests and possible challenges, plan your treatment as well as more helpful information. At Metro Drugs, we offer the best possible information, treatment, pricing in addition to service for our beloved patients.

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