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For Over 35 years, Full Fertility Services at Your Door

Why Patients Love Us

Metro Drugs is a full-service, compounding pharmacy offering specialized fertility care and support to our patients. We strive to be the partner of choice for doctors and patients by providing expert skill with extraordinary and customized care. We provide precise professional care along with accessible and compassionate personal care. The Metro Drugs Team takes pride in being a part of creating families.

Fast Delivery

Same day delivery for the NYC Metro area and Overnight shipping across the country.

Best Pricing

Working collaboratively with your doctor, insurance, and manufacturers to maximize your savings.

Clinician Support

Our nurses and pharmacists are always available to assist you with your needs. Call us anytime.

Same Day Delivery

Located in NYC + Hoboken, we proudly offer SAME DAY DELIVERY to select counties and neighborhoods
as well as service to patients in 50 STATES with OVERNIGHT shipping available.
Same Day Delivery to:
Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island,
Hudson, Passaic, Union, Essex, Morris, Bergen, Somerset, Middlesex and more!

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Metro Drugs

A Full Service Fertility Pharmacy

For 30 years and counting, our focus is a compassionate approach to providing you all your fertility medications including compounding medications from our full-service sterile state-of-the-art compounding lab. Best prices, best service, from your friendly neighborhood fertility pharmacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a specialty pharmacy having over 30 years of fertility experience, we are able to provide clinical
expertise to help guide you. We also offer a wide array of services such as exclusive discounts and
financing options, nationwide shipping, compounding, and 24/7 nurse support. As a leading fertility
pharmacy, we are dedicated to ensuring the needs of our patients are met throughout your treatment.

Have your doctor e-scribe your prescriptions to Metro Drugs or call us at 888-258-0106. We will call you if we need any additional information such as insurance, allergies, home address, email…etc.

Fertility medications are rarely covered by insurance, so that is why we offer competitive cash pricing. As a non-insured patient, we’ll inform you of discounts and financing programs we participate with that you may be eligible for. You’ll then finalize the order by providing payment and setting up a shipment or picking up at one of our locations.

Upon receiving your order, if you have any questions call the pharmacy at 888-258-0106 during normal business hours. You can also arrange to have a free one on one patient consultation by our staff fertility nurse. If you need help after hours, we have a dedicated 24/7 nursing hotline at 888-475-2388.

Have your doctor send us your prescriptions for an accurate price quote. We can determine which of our numerous discount programs as well as financing options is best suited for your order. Metro Drugs provides an individualized approach based on your specific needs.
We have very competitive pricing and are partnered with leading fertility manufacturers to offer exclusive discounts and participate in various financing programs.
It’s easy! Have your doctor electronically send your prescription to one of our 2 convenient locations in New York/New Jersey (see front cover for location information) or call us at 888-258-0106. We will gladly set up shipping or pick up.
A patient service representative will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order. Once your order is processed, we will go over it in detail with you. If you choose us, you’ll provide payment and set up the delivery or pick up.

Once you receive your medications, our responsibility to you is not over. We strive to support you throughout your entire treatment. Our specialty trained staff are available to provide any additional
support you may need during your treatment 24/7. We also have a fertility nurse, Linda, on staff that you can arrange an appointment for a one on one in depth individualized counseling if needed.

Medications are packed in special, labeled thermal packages with ice packs to ensure proper
temperatures during shipment. Once received, open and place the medication in the refrigerator. A
medication storage guide is included with every order that can be referenced. If you have additional
questions, please contact the pharmacy at 888-258-0106.

If during normal business hours, call the pharmacy (see front cover for location information). If you need help after hours, we have 24/7 nursing support at 888-475-2388, leave a message and we will have someone call you back.

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